Uma’s Profile

I am here to help Yoga enthusiasts, be it teachers, trainers or students, the first time learners or all time practitioners, on the science of Yoga and the effects of Yoga on one’s life.

Yoga is to deal with the body and heal with the mind. It is a complete well being program, embedded with preventive and curative techniques.

The tools are many and it has to be chosen according to the individuals. Even to the same individual from time to time it varies.

To know in detail, to know the depth of science, to help yourself and or help others you may contact me.

My sessions and classes to corporate, any groups, individuals, associations, forums and communities include the following subjects and topics.

  1. Healthy people build healthy nation
  2. The cause for our suffering and how to identify them
  3. The techniques to come out of such suffering
  4. Chakras – Store your energy to achieve great things in life
  5. Mudras- make the energy flow smoothly
  6. Asanas- Hata yoga- unwind the knots of body and mind
  7. Ashtanga Yoga- become one with the universal energy
  8. Pranayama- breath well and think better
  9. Meditation- Merge with the Divine
  10. Chanting- A spiritual journey through specific sound
  11. Chanting Yoga Sutra and Upanishad- Enjoy the essence of Sanskrit
  12. Meaning of individual yoga sutra- as applicable to today’s living
  13. Concepts of Bagavad Gita to help us find the purpose of our lives
  14. Science of Yoga and contemporary living- the link
  15. You can achieve everything- conscious mind and subconscious mind and unconsicious mind
  16. Live life to the fullest- Ancient systems and their effects.

Exclusively for teachers who teach on life and or Yoga:

  1. Observation and absorption
  2. Anatomy, physiology and Asana movement
  3. Therapeutic Yoga for pains, ailments and injury
  4. Breathing and the inner constitution
  5. Care cures
  6. Designing individual classes as it suits him or her
  7. The relationship between body-mind-breath
  8. Understanding the Prana-Agni-Mala and integrating them with daily practice
  9. Meditation and Mantras
  10. Yoga at every moment of a day